lördag 2 februari 2013

Vampire Academy?

Lite nyheter har äntligen kommit om Vampire Academy, som inte alls ska heta så som film utan Blood Sisters (Anledningen är att man inte vill bli förknippade med Twilight, helt förståeligt!) Här kan ni läsa vad producenten Mike Preger själv har skrivit om beslutet:

Ok everyone, listen up! Everything is GREAT! Let me explain what happened. As you already know, things are moving fast right now. First, while getting ready for everything that's about to happen, we were working with our amazing new partners at Kintop Pictures - the people who are moving heaven and earth right now to get this picture going. As we were working together on a new draft of our announcement, the wrong copy got posted by mistake. As soon as we realized this we took it down, and were frantically trying to get the right information out there. Here's the deal! The actual title is VAMPIRE ACADEMY: BLOOD SISTERS! This will also be the format for all the subsequent film titles, including the actual book titles of all the remaining novels in the series. So how did we decide this? First, the equally amazing people at IM GLOBAL, who will be selling the film to the international world did some testing of titles, as all good sales companies do before making any decisions. What we discovered was the general public did not react greatly to the first title of just Vampire Academy. So what to do? What else could we do? We reached out to the smartest person we knew, our very own Richelle Mead, explained our problem and asked her to help us figure out a new title for just the first film. As it turns out, among the suggestions she made, was one, that incidentally, is the title of Book One in Germany. Sometimes, titles of books get changed for different markets around the world. So we took these suggestions back to our sales people and decided that Blood Sisters seemed like a good solution. After a lot of discussion between all the members of the team, we came up with the new title. The whole team liked it, so we went back to Richelle and told her we'd like to use it the way you now see it, and she also approved. So that's the story. Sometimes you guys just have to have a little faith in what we're doing. We have all been doing this for a very long time, and it's important we get as many people to come see the first movie to make this the success we all know it will be. Trust in us, trust in Richelle. We only want the best for all of us. I promise everyone, when you see it, when you see how well it will work, you will be proud!!!
Nu till dom verkligt roliga nyheterna! C-A-S-T-I-N-G-E-N!
Zoey Deutch Picture

 Zooey Deutch som Rose Hathaway!

Lucy Fry Picture

Lucy Fry som Lissa Dragomir!

Danila Kozlovskiy som Dimitri Belikov!

Jag tycker har inte sett någon av dem så mycket förut så jag kan inte säga så mycket om deras skådespelartalanger, men det var nog helt okej val. Det var ingen som jag kände direkt att det är ju mitt i prick! Ingen är som jag har tänkt mig, men jag gillar ändå att dom har valt unga skådespelare!

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